Inspections Now And For The Future

Increase efficiencies and reduce costs with Inspected’s remote virtual inspection platform. Inspected helps businesses adapt to internal needs and the needs of your customers.

Instantly schedule and perform inspections, automatically geotag locations, capture high quality video and images, in real time, and document every step of the inspection process. Make inspections quick and convenient with Inspected.

Building/Permit Inspections

Inspectors conduct virtual building inspections while communicating with the contractor or site representative at the jobsite

Improved Productivity

Conduct inspections virtually and track progress ensuring cost savings

Maximize Resources

Provide virtual inspections for your clients and reduce burden on your workforce

Remote Virtual Inspections Across Enterprises


  • Permit Inspections
  • Code Compliance
  • Fire Inspections

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Private Providers

  • Improve Bottom-line
  • Increase Productivity

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  • Claim from anywhere
  • Maximize Resources
  • Instant Communication

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Commercial Applications

  • Construction Management
  • Power/Communications
  • Facilities Management
  • Maritime Inspections
  • Hospitality

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Inspections Made Easy

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“Inspected has helped our inspections department work efficiently and has sped up the entire inspection process.  Contractors are on time for the inspections, and we are doing many different types of inspections including pool steel, static pressure, electrical work, water heaters, A/C change outs and more.”

John D., Tampa

“We needed a solution to replace on-site inspections due to lack of staff and not being able to get to jobsites due to the pandemic.  Inspected provided us an alternative, and keeps our virtual inspections in one place.”

“We have been exploring the use of remote virtual inspections for some time, and Inspected offers us the ability to inspect our facilities in remote locations.  It has saved us a tremendous amount of time and resources to be able to conduct our inspections virtually.”

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