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If you are building a pool in the city of Austin, we need to talk!

Austin has adopted the ISPSC 2018 Code and requires a 3rd-Party Inspector to verify compliance as you build.

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Inspected announced Code Compliance Inspections for the City of Austin’s 3rd Party Inspection Program.

Contractors can now show their projects’ compliance with the newly adopted 2018 ISPSC Code through a series of 3 to 4 virtual inspections. Inspected will perform pool inspections and complete the 3rd Party Residential Pool and Checklist, allowing contractors to close permits and avoid costly mistakes. Our service is affordable, quick, and helps protect your company from unwanted liability.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Us pool builders have a very tough schedule getting pulled in every direction every day. If they weren’t working with my schedule as much and charismatic about it… It would be nearly impossible for me to make most of the inspections. They are patient and good at explaining details on how to make potential issues not an issue as if they are a part of your team. I have no regrets about using them as our third-party inspector.

– Jeff Dunsworth, Owner, Majestic Poolscapes Austin


NEW Service Helps Pool Contractors Complete Inspections in Real-Time

From: Anthony Perera, Owner/Entrepreneur

Dear friend,

I recently thought of a platform that allows municipal authorities to conduct virtual inspections on your pool installation projects.

What if Pool Contractors/Installers could complete their inspections immediately when the installation is finished?

I had a revolutionary idea to speed up the inspection process.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, but once COVID-19 restrictions began, I knew I quickly needed to get the platform operational to help homeowners and small businesses.

Actually, it was due to the pandemic that this new platform was expedited so quickly.

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Are you tired of waiting for your city or county inspector to show up?

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Unfortunately, pool inspections are not as easy as clicking the easy button.

We have to set appointments with the city or town inspector.

While you wait for the inspector to show up, you have to worry about in-climate weather.

…What if rain is on the horizon?

Maybe your crew is sitting around waiting for the inspector to show up, and you’re losing money.

If you’ve ever felt that frustration with pool inspections, then I can relate to you perfectly.


Inspected Private Provider Gives You A Proven Path To Install Pools, And Complete Inspections In Real Time

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Inspected Private Provider Inspections

– keeps your schedule on point

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Accelerate Your Permit: Utilize inspected’s plan review to accelerate your permit through the building department. Collaboration, fast service, easily correct simple deficiencies.

Submit To Building Inspector: Submit Inspected’s notice to building official as private provider with your permit applications.

​Schedule: Schedule your inspection time with Inspected’s easy to use portal.

​Complete: Complete your inspection while your installation crews are still on the job.

​​Submit: Your Passed Inspection: Submit your passed inspections report to the municipality.


See What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

“I have always been a serial entrepreneur.”

I started my first business 19 years old. Since then, I’ve worked to create new companies and expand them to different markets across the country.

Currently I founded a Florida-based heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) servicing company called Air Pros USA, which is rapidly expanding across the U.S.

With that knowledge of the HVAC industry, I thought of, a platform which allows municipal authorities to conduct virtual inspections.

Can’t Wait To See You On The Inside!

Here’s to your success!

Thanks again,

Anthony Perera

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