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saving travel time and increasing efficiency.

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Inspections From Anywhere; Now And For The Future

Inspected’s remote virtual inspection platform for government agencies reduces costs and increases efficiencies. Our secure and dependable virtual platform will help government provide improved services for their communities.

Virtual Inspections for Government

Building/Permit Inspections

Inspectors conduct virtual building inspections while communicating with the contractor or site representative at the jobsite.

Code Compliance Inspections

Conduct code violation inspections virtually and track progress for compliance.

Fire Inspections

Provide virtual inspections for building compliance and risk assessments.

Expand Citizen Services

Instantly communicate with on-site representatives and permit holders to improve the permitting and inspection process.

Improve Productivity

Perform inspections from home or the office. Save time with virtual inspections of any type.

Reduce Impact On The Environment

Keep vehicles off the road and reduce carbon emissions while continuing the trend toward sustainable development.

Safely Perform Inspections

Keep the community safe by eliminating contact at projects, buildings and other facilities.

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