Davie, FL (March 27, 2020) – as the coronavirus changes how we work and live, a florida businessman has developed a new tool to keep homeowners/contractor and government workers safe, while allowing small businesses to survive the economic downturn.

Anthony perera’s new solution will help the local city and municipal authorities conduct home inspections virtually. His new patent-pending mobile application, called inspected, speeds up the permitting process needed to complete or continue renovations at homes and businesses by allowing inspectors to visually approve work and close permits without having to physically visit the site. The idea is already gaining interest from florida municipalities including staff at the city of boca raton and other broward county officials.

By allowing government employees to work from home, or remotely, the inspected app keeps people safer, streamlines paperwork, and reduces delays caused by measures to reduce the spread of covid-19. It also helps small business owners continue working and helps homeowners/contractor complete renovations for items such as hvac, electrical, plumbing, fixtures, roofing, and more.

“maintaining remote and virtual business continuity has become the need-of-the-hour in the world we are in,” said anthony perera. “inspected.Com ensures that city home inspectors can continue to inspect

Geo-located work and grant permits virtually while maintaining a zero-contact policy to keep employees, homeowners, and construction contractors safe in the current coronavirus climate.” not only does the inspected app remove the need for direct contact, but the technology will also help cities
Clear permits faster and save travel expenses while ensuring an important revenue base continues. For customers and contractors, it ensures projects can continue and removes the uncertainty when an inspector will be able to once again travel to personally approve the permit.

“it’s really exciting to see smart city technologies like inspected. Innovations like these are tremendous for improving efficiencies, lowering costs, and expediting processes and procedures,” said pedro moras, innovation strategist, city of boca raton. “I see them as very beneficial to municipalities, property owners and the construction community, particularly during these unprecedented times.” a serial entrepreneur, perera first thought of the inspected app several months ago, but once the coronavirus restrictions began he knew he needed to quickly get the app operational. Perera is also the founder and president of florida-based hvac servicing company air pros usa, which is rapidly expanding across the u.S., with local operations in georgia, florida, colorado, texas, and washington

How it works:

Homeowners/contractor and businesses seeking permits can download the inspected app on their mobile device and create a profile that uses geotagging to verify their address. Once completed, they can open a permit request and schedule inspections. At the designated time, inspectors will use the online platform to open a video conferencing dialogue with the permit holder to review the application, ask questions, record photos, and videos, and approve and close the permit.

Geolocation allows the inspector to verify accuracy and create a record of the permit with supporting documents. The inspected system makes record-keeping easy and efficient, with everything time-stamped and gps verified. For more information, visit inspected.Com a video demo of the new inspected app can be viewed at www.Inspected.Com. Additional

Video demos available upon request