INSPECTED Inspection Services

Contractors can save valuable time and money using private provider inspection services through Inspected.

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No More Waiting For An Inspector
Faster Inspections = Closed Permits

Inspections with Inspected will increase efficiencies and reduce costs, helping contractors achieve successful inspections and respond to the needs of customers.

Private Provider Inspection Services

Building/Permit Inspections

Inspected performs inspections as installation is completed. Same day.

Improved Productivity and Bottom Line

Track progress, quality control and ensure cost savings

Maximize Resources

Private provider inspections for your installs reduce time to finalize permits so contractors can be paid faster

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Join others who have committed to changing the way inspections are completed.

Simplified Process

Inspected’s inspection service process, combined with our user friendly software, makes getting inspections easier than ever

Cost Reduction and Time Savings

Reduce costs for scheduling inspections. Save travel time and increase productivity.

Service Process

Step 1

Submit Inspected’s notice to building official as private provider with your permit application (simple 1 page document)

Step 2

Schedule your inspection time with’s easy to use portal

Step 3

Complete your inspection while your installation crews are still on the job site

Step 4

Submit your Passed Inspections report to the city

Step 5

BOOM! Your permits are closed out the same day without any hassle!

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