Reinventing the way inspections are done!

In our ever-changing world, it is essential to continuously grow and adapt to your own needs and the needs of your customers.

Businesses and service providers must work smarter and be more efficient, focus on being eco-friendly, and more recently are being encouraged to practice social distancing.

Accurate, located, and remote permit inspections done seamlessly and efficiently.

Inspected – Designed For Inspectors, Contractors & Private Provider Inspection Services. continues to enhance its product by providing useful features for Inspectors, and Private Provider of Inspection Services.


  • Join Now:
    This feature allows the homeowner/contractor to join the inspection session before the scheduled time slot. The assigned inspector receives a notification that the homeowner/contractor has joined and is ready if they are available and want to start the call. This feature can be enabled or disabled in the admin.


  • Location Verification Address:
    Both Web App and iOS App are using and showing the correct Job Information/Job Address


  • Edit Inspection:
    Account Owner, Clerk, and Inspector can edit an inspection by going to Inspection Session Details view and clicking the edit icon on the bottom right of the screen. All edits can be saved and the inspection session updated.


  • Homeowner/contractor Notification:
    The homeowner/contractor receives a Push notification or SMS letting them know the inspector has started the inspection.


  • Inspector Alerts – Email and SMS:
    Inspector receives notifications when an inspection has been scheduled in the current time slot and 5 minutes before a time slot starts when an inspection is assigned to them.


  • Copy Inspections Upon Failed or Incomplete Inspections Disabled: have set up a toggle for a city to allow “copy inspections” to be automatically created or not have them be created.




Algorithmic geo-tagging for inspection validation

  • Authenticate and integrate permit information to the property address and location.


Simple user interface

  • Ability to implement inspection stages, categories, and comments.


  • Recording capabilities securely stored on the cloud.
  • Remote in session image screenshots of inspection stages.
  • Automatic recording and archiving of video into records.


Dynamic Scheduling of video inspections

  • Users can schedule inspections with available time slots or inspection time frames.


  • Customizable reports.
  • Ability to populate reports on previous inspections including status, notes, comments ,and images.


  • Record Search.
  • Recall previous inspection results for re-inspections or partial inspections.


  • Inspected Provides real-time monitoring for troubleshooting.


  • Secure video feeds and storage.
  • Low upfront cost and cost of implementation.
  • Training & Support: User guides and industry-experienced staff available.
  • Insurance & car vehicle savings: Cut your operation budget by implementing remote inspections.
  • Accident Reduction.
  • ADA compliance.
  • Reduction in inspection wait times.
  • Lower cost for re-inspections.